Abby Towne is a sophomore who attends Spring Grove High School. She has loved music ever since she can remember. She learned how to play the piano at age 9 and later, the guitar, at the age of 10. She wrote her first song when she was 10. Some of her favorite things to do in her down time is to journal and sketch. Abby has always loved the outdoors and always finds a time to go on the Bird Trail or on a walk around town. Abby has been performing on stage since the age of 10 with her dad, Buck Towne in the band The Guilty Kilts. She and her mom, Tanya Jore, love to play the piano together whenever they get the chance.

Abby is involved in the Large Group Choir at school and singing solos for Solo Ensemble. She is always very excited to share her voice with the community. Abby loves listening to records by The Doors, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and her favorites, John Lennon or The Beatles. She is always up for a challenge, especially, learning new songs. What she loves most about music is that it can really connect people in a way that nothing else can and it’s just plain old good for the soul. Ever since she was little, she has wanted to sing one of her originals on the T.V. show, The Voice.

She works at Red’s IGA in Spring Grove and loves working with her amazing coworkers. Working at Red’s as a cashier has helped her better her social skills. Abby is proud to be so blessed with such a wonderful talent and hopes that she can put a smile on everyone’s face by sharing it.